The 10 most beautiful places I visited in 2017

Now I’m sitting down in my family home, in Tokyo, Japan, and writing the last post for this year.

Every year, I thank for my achievements thanks to everyone around me.

Especially I think so this year.


I’m always so happy because of beautiful experiences.

Tonight, I wanna introduce the place we can touch BEAUTY in the world.

Here are the 10 most beautiful places I visited in 2017.



No.1  Hitachi Seaside Park


This park is well known for nemophila flower garden.

Blue world.




No.2 Nikko


The famous Japanese historical place.

Toshogu, famous shrine here is decorated colorfully and there is also the mausoleum of Tokugawa Ieyasu,

the founder of the Tokugawa shogunate.




No.3 Hong Kong


I visited on Chinese new year.

There is in the mood of Holiday and it’s so fascinating!!



The view from “484 meters high” was amazing.




No.4 Macau


I was so surprised how brilliant and colorful this city is.

There is Tower Eiffel!!



And flower masterpiece…



No.5 Santorini


Blue and white.




No.6 Kotor




No.7 Taormina




No.8 Positano




No.9 Barcelona




No.10 Atami



Atami is Japan’s leading resort known for hot springs.

The Ocean is so beautiful and blue.

It takes only an hour  from Tokyo by Train.




No.11 Hawaii





I am so thankful in 2017,

and hope I can do even better in 2018!!


Seeing beautiful places,

Eating beautiful food,

Gaining beautiful knowledge.