Our 1st wedding anniversary at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

We celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo, the place we got married.



I totally fell in love with this hotel.
The service of the staff is extremely warm and every time we’re back they kindly say to me ” Welcome home!!”.
So I feel like it’s my second home.



After checking in, we went to downstairs to The Lobby Lounge.
There are always beautiful flower arrangements.
They’re created by Hiroshi who always took care of me.



“Hinokizaka”, the signature Japanese dining venue of the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo and we can enjoy traditional, yet contemporary Japanese cuisine there.

This sky-high restaurant on the 45th floor is so romantic.
The sushi counter is set against a dramatic Tokyo’s Night View, so that we could enjoy really dramatic time.
It is totally like a jewel box.



The theme of the interior design is “glass” and the sushi plate is “Edo Kiriko” , sparkly cut glass made in Tokyo.
And in the space, the scent of Hinoki (Japanese Cypress)  was working well.

The sushi was actually impressive, and the quality of the fish at its best was splendid.




I was pleasantly surprised when we checked in and get in our room.

What was waiting for us was an amazing view!


I enjoyed the scenery changing every moment.






Breakfast on my second day was also delicious!!





This is one of the most luxury hotel in Tokyo, yes it is literally luxurious, comfortable and culturally rich.
The staff is superb, the food is delicious and the space is elegant.



Thank you again to The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo for welcoming us and I highly recommend this place for a special day if you are in Tokyo!!




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