The earliest cherry-blossom in Tokyo- FLOWERS by NAKED 2018

The earliest cherry-blossom in Tokyo



It is like straining into the fantastic flower world.





Flower experience art exhibition

to enjoy with the five senses.



It’s the first installation art for me.



Collaborate with LANVIN en Bleu


This experience type garden

is based on LANVIN en Bleu 18SS season design.



This is iconiq.

Cherry blossom’s projection mapping.





It’s so whimsical

and like a shangri-la.





This is installation art

of cherry-blossoms

made by traditional Japanese paper.








There are so many art space.


This is

FLOWERS by NAKED’s laboratory!!



My husband took photos of me

in front of flower garden’s signage,



and after that, he began to giggle!!






I asked.


And after checking the pics

I knew what happened







There is lightning in flower garden…!

I was like a thunderer!!



I enjoyed this art exhibition so much.



How about Tokyo’s earliest cherry-blossoms?



I’m waiting for you in Japan.




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